Channel the power of your breath and movement to transform stuck energy and embody your power.

You are invited to embody your deep truth. BREATH is an intimate and powerful bridge to your presence. In this series, you will move through four stages of breath related to the stages of healing, and discover how you have the inherent capacity to transmute fear into flow.

We often experience blocks within regions of our body where we are not able to receive the life-force energy that seeks to flow naturally through us. This stagnancy is mirrored in emotional and mental rigidity and affects how we breathe, move and express ourselves artistically. Rather than attempt to force change or “fix” ourselves, this healing modality invites you to embody where you are. When we give ourselves permission to move into where our body is asking us to be, we automatically transform.

Dance Healing weaves meditation, authentic movement and expressive arts practices to invite your subconscious to become conscious through movement and art. In this intuitive and creative process, we unearth parts of ourselves who are longing to be heard. When we bring our shadows into light, we expose opportunities to know ourselves more deeply, cultivate self compassion, and embody our wholeness.

Seeing is freeing! By inviting your authentic self into a supportive container for witnessing yourself and others with unconditional regard, we co-create the environment to liberate parts of ourselves who may feel oppressed, alienate or silenced.

These “shadows” contain wisdom that can support our highest and deepest growth. Rather than keeping them separate from ourselves in fear, we learn to appreciate their resources and integrate their lessons to align ourselves with our power, purpose and passion.


Outline of our journey:

Stage 1: “Home” — discover the place where your breath and movement are most connected

Stage 2: “Polarities” — explore the differing breath rhythms your body holds

Stage 3: “Stuck” — presence a region of your body where there is a restriction of flow

Stage 4: “Reclaim Your Power” — awaken agency in your deep body by bridging your “home” and “stuck” with breath

What you receive: 

   - Four 50 minute guided video recordings that you can practice for life! Includes somatic                  warm-ups, breath movement exercises, guided authentic movement practices, and creative        prompts to reflect and harvest from your experience.
   - Four 90 minute in-person sessions with your cycle’s participants (limited to 8 people).                   Experience the power of being seen as we dive deeper into the richness of each stage                   together.
   - At least one 1:1 session to receive deep listening and guidance for exploring the material that       is surfacing for you.

This series supports you to:

   - Enhance body awareness and connectivity
   - Attune and integrate the intelligence of your body, heart and mind
   - Develop practices to enliven your creativity and inspire your relationships with self, others             and art
   - Cultivate self compassion and empowerment

Who is this series for?

   - Adults 18+ who have a desire to know their deep self and explore the amazing world of                 embodied arts!
   - People of all physical abilities, experiences and backgrounds welcome 
   - No prior movement or art experience is necessary

Dance Healing agreements:

   - Your body is the teacher and everything offered is an invitation. You are encouraged to listen        to your body and adapt offerings to your needs as they emerge and evolve.
   - Personal responsibility. We practice using non-violent communication with ourselves and            others including using “I” statements to take ownership of our experiences and reveal any            impulse to unconsciously project onto others.
   - Personal commitment. Deep growth is vulnerable and can be uncomfortable at times. By           committing to honoring the process, you develop deeper trust in yourself and create a                   strong foundation for healing.

What you will need:

   - Computer or phone with wifi access
   - Drawing/writing supplies. Recommend having a drawing pad of recycled paper (14x17 if                possible), a pack of oil pastels, and a special journal dedicated to this journey.
   - An open mind or “beginner’s mind”

“This breath movement series has taken me on a beautiful journey of return and reconnection with my body as well as created new spaces for creativity to flow. This experience has invited me not only to feel more empowered by my body's wisdom to heal myself, but how expansive it can be to do so with witnesses and to glimpse another's dance and healing process.” 

— Judy Ko 
“In the past dancing for me has always had thoughts arise ‘I don’t know how.’ But the space created during the series allowed for the insecurities to be stripped away and for me to show up raw and real and be present with whatever is arising and move my body and have fun with it. All movement is divine and oh so human.” 

— Michael Ridpath
“Amazed at the power and depth of emotion I experienced....All my life, I have yearned to be able to express myself artistically and have been spectacularly unable to do so….I feel better for having expressed myself to that depth. Thanks for creating a safe place where we can get in touch with our authentic selves!”

 — Tim Tapping


All Offerings Are Sliding Scale for Accessibility 

Video + 1:1 Package

  • Life-time access to five guided movement videos including a whole body somatic warm-up, four breath movement exercises with authentic movement exploration, and guided reflective art practices. 
  • Four 50 min private sessions with Hayley via Zoom, scheduled to your convenience 
  • ​22% off additional 1:1 sessions (up to four at this rate).

$633.00 - $888.00

Video & Cohort Package

  • Life-time access to five guided movement videos including a whole body somatic warm-up, four breath movement exercises with authentic movement exploration, and guided reflective art practices.
  • 8 hours+ of interactive online workshops with a small cohort (one 2 hour+ workshop per month for four months)
  • Additional resources, tools and activities.
  • ​Recordings of all sessions.
  • ​22% off 1:1 sessions with Hayley (up to four at this rate).

$555.00 - $777.00 

Video Only Package

  • Life-time access to five guided movement videos including a whole body somatic warm-up, four breath movement exercises with authentic movement exploration, and guided reflective art practices. 
  • Communication with Hayley during your journey via e-mail including opportunities to ask questions, share about your process and receive feedback.


Scholarships available for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) and low-income folks! 
Apply via online form HERE

Payment plans are also available upon request!
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